How to Get the Best Deal on the Move

9 Jul by Jim Rhodes

How to Get the Best Deal on the Move

World War II had its beginnings here in Ft. Lauderdale and today’s bustling city would like nothing better than to belong to this War relic’s past. Many would not dream of moving to Ft. Lauderdale without first experiencing the wonder of moving across the Fort Lauderdale Beach Bridge, probably the world’s most famous sidewalk.

The city that doubled its population in the 1940s and 50s after oil-induced economic prosperity began to wane in the early 1980s would like to move back its historical shores. There is a lot of waterfront, a permitting structure, and reclamation projects that have helped ameliorate the pollution from the ferries and container ships thatingle along the waterfront. container ships are not content to just deliver their cargo to other ports around the world; they want to be known among the planet’s great maritime barges. If you were an engineer, what would your design look like?

You would, like most people, not want to have an exacting, dual-lane road running right next to a giant container ship on the port’s entrance way. Concrete and steel in varying degrees are the only options; you can take the million-dollar view right off the tourist brochure pages.

Miami is a great city to visit and I have enjoyed it for many years. The weather is wonderful most of the year (as long as the temperatures are not injurious to the well-being of the tourists). And it has a beautiful beach and numerous beautiful parks. It has everything that you would want in a large modern city.

Do not forget to get a quote on your moving and storage services from an official company. Make sure that they have a detailed description of their services, get a detailed quote with a clear understanding of where the shipment will be going and what is required. Know what moving and storage services are available and in what quantities. Know what insurance covers items moved. Get a written confirmation.

Know what the client is insured. Then get a quote for items shipped or stored, as well as remove any items proven to be unsafe for transport. Make sure that you have liability coverage. On your moving and storage quote, list the areas in which you are covered, the total, and the responsibilities of the company.

When the goods are ready to be shipped or delivered, get a receipt for them. Onyl, the Moving Orderlies, has a warehouse that is allowed to record its good service on the Moving Orderlies Insuranceberg. The insurance company will pay the cost of shipping the item, or pay half of the total cost if you are reimbursed through other moving services.

Most companies offer a penny-route policy if you are moving in groups. The minimum forwarding fee, 50 cents per foot, varies from company to company. It might be followed by partial payment when the item is delivered. The maximum, 75 cents per foot, is charged by the American Moving Comapny.

Some companies are now handling far more than one item as you would probably see if you were simply moving one item. You will have groups of up to three peopleMoving your items, so you must be prepared to handle these sizes.

Find out from the mover company what method they use to ship your item. The type of muslin, what type of packing, whether you will have to place the item flat or in a couple of fills. These details are important. Also ask about delivery time. You may find that specifying that your item only needs to be delivered on business days is an option. Or that you can schedule the delivery in such a way that no delivery will occur before 3:00 p.m. However you order your item, make sure that your mover company can represent you.

Knowledge is power, and having good knowledge can help you eliminate frustration while you are planning and preparing to move.

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