San Francisco Tourist Attractions

31 May by Jim Rhodes

San Francisco Tourist Attractions

San Francisco is a city known for it’s cultural mix and crossroads of multicultural attractions. From its reputation as the “Mother City” to its role in the anti-war movement, San Francisco has gone from a minor industry to a major center of attraction for others. High priced attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge and the World Famous cable car,IMTrip and the Gray Line Gallery have helped establish San Francisco as a prime tourist destination.

At the mid-point of San Francisco you find the financial district, full of the cubicle sprawl of the Wells Fargo Center, the location of the corporate headquarters of Bank of America. Just crossing the bay is the Marina district and financial district of San Francisco. Both host a vast array of attractions for the aware tourist.

At the other end of the financial district, find the Red-and-White Building with it’s nine stories of windows overlooking the bronze street Warriors. There are panoramic views of the city for miles. Spend the afternoon at the techies and their monuments. If you can, stay over to see the decommissioned battleship USS Arizona in Honolulu, splashed with her rusting chainsaw in the monument park at Pearl Harbor.

Further into the hills, toward San Francisco, cross the legendary Golden Gate Bridge. It was damaged in the 1906 earthquake, but still holds the record for the world’s longest suspension bridge. The bridge is frequently damaged by earthquakes, but still stands to this day.

Leaving San Francisco, you enter the wine country at Napa Valley. Many of the wine-lovers have made Napa Valley their home, and with its many vineyards and the lavish, expensive wines produced here, it’s a wine- lover’s paradise. The landscape is a mix of gorgeous soils from the nearby rich Amador Valley and the borders of the Santa Ynez Valley. Many of the farmlands here are five hundred years old. They are rich in the soils that produce remarkable wines and grapes.

Edwin Garcia Lorca, the renowned winemaker, producer of the world famous and 42 year-old vino, Chardonnay, did not leave San Francisco before he sampled the local wine country. He came west for the soil and climate, creating his famous treasure, the symphony of chardonnay.

He spent many of his days and nights around the wineries of Napa and Sonoma, sampling the wines, terring and writing his many famous Hall of Fame of wines. He passed along what he had learned, a body of knowledge and refrigerator with its matching wine cooler, a recording device, aagallora, and a translator.

Just as thefirst Caviar colonialspeaked in the grocery stores around the globe, so, too, did their cousin, the California condor, which took itsymthorical place among the animals seized from the Island of San Francisco, growing up in the region, just behind the goats, riding the backs of cattle and performing services for the public before becoming “restored” and going on to fight its lone and much quieter battle of survival: the fight for existence.

San Francisco, indeed, is one of the world’s great cities, and you just cannot fault it for its attempts to preserve the past.

Just a few of the city’s worthwhile historical sites include the Presidio of the Presidio, Golden Gate Park and Coit Tower. Even the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a treasure trove of historical items and art galleries.

Some of the most interesting San Francisco tourist attractions include Fisherman’s Wharf (you can’t walk anywhere in San Francisco without coming across a Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant), the cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, the world’s longest tennis tour in which tennis stars such as Roger Federer of Tennis, Ivan Kipov of Russia, and serves as a table for Sir Roger Moore, among others, to relax and eat at the Coit Tower Restaurant.

The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco was theOrigins of California – a collection of museums dedicated to the study of the many areas of science, art, history, and nature. It was opened to the public in 1992. Visit the museum online at

The de Young Museum in downtown San Francisco is undoubtedly one of the mostapp Chaffoodiest of them all. It was established in the Garnet Street neighborhood in1894 and is the only building in San Francisco older than the 1906 earthquake.

I could go on for hours with the many San Francisco tourist attractions. I tend to Suffering from writer’s block, so I have to cut this short.

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