The Ultimate Mexican Experience

27 Jul by Jim Rhodes

The Ultimate Mexican Experience

The one thing that makes the trip enjoyable for most people is the cab experience. Most drivers these days are reincarnated archeological diggers Dame and driven by zest and passion. Some are even ex-military, with driver’s cultivation acquired during years of war. The culture of cabbies seems to be built on care and attention, with great attention to detail.

My’ tastes favour big establishments and usually reputable firms, but there are always a few good cabbies to be found. When travelling in Arizona, it’s especially important to note whether the driver ahead of you is a regular driver for all companies. If the answer is yes, ask for a discount, which usually comes as a rule of thumb. Similar to how discounts for restaurants become popular when a restaurant becomes well known, similar benefits apply with respect to cabs. If a driver ahead of you has or will be driving you soon, offer to pay a deposit. This will help to ensure the driver will give you proper consideration.

The best places to start enjoying the ultimate Mexican experience are in Cancun, discussed here because it is said to be the ultimate urban resort. Many people do not really know that much about Cancun, but they find it a very worthy destination. If you want to mix with the local, then it and its downtown area might be worth checking out. You won’t be disappointed.

One of the more worthwhile attractions is the famous strip at El Centro, just north of downtown Cancun. Many visitors walking this area dream of staying in Cancun for an extended period of time. There are numerous small, privately-owned restaurants and shops there; many of which prepare cuisine rooted in traditional Mexican and Spanish recipes. There are also numerous outdoor cafes and bars known as “terrazos” that Settero and I ran into downtownromptu. Among them we found La E14, a well-known restaurant that specializes in if you like sandwiches in a cup, or if you prefer a full-on meal, try the Pollo Tropicalo or Paella Grand Primo. They have a variety of healthy, affordable meals.

If you’re not so particular about where you eat, downtown Cancun has plenty to offer. If you stick around a while, you might try the Plaza Caracol, which has a popular range of Mexican delicacies from tacos to fry bread. We would heartily recommend trying it.

Most of the people we saw in Cancun were from outside the country, perhaps from Europe or South America, and most of them spoke Spanish. It surprised us to find how many people spoke good English. The couples who spoke English seemed to be from Chile and planned to return for another visit. More than one tourist told us that he or she was offended by other Americans who spoke English bad. In our opinion, if you’re not fluent in Spanish, you should learn some Spanish and go to a few places in the city if you don’t speak the language.

In all, we found that Cancun was a pleasant, safe place to visit for all vacationers, sad to say that we couldn’t have liked it more. If you can read our full review of Cancun and more of why we felt that way be sure to visit

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