Top 5 Cities in the City

31 May by Jim Rhodes

Top 5 Cities in the City

Here is a quick run down of five cities that made the cut.

Beverly Hills, CA

For a town as glamorous as Beverly Hills, few American cities can match it for glamour. Beverly Hills is one of the top Los Angeles tourist destinations, and is set to benefit from the anticipated release of celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The nearby Ventura Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard make it very easy for Pitt and Jolie to enjoy their passion on a yacht in the beautiful waters off of the coast of Santa Monica. Valdez, the West Coast surf hotspot, is only a short hop from Beverly Hills.

Carmel, Monterey and La Jolla,erey

Tired of the Californian sun? Try the Carmel, Monterey or La Jolla beaches. Carmel boasts a 13 mile stretch of white sand beach, while La Jolla and La Jolla are less touristed and offer a variety of beach activities. Train tours linking Los Angeles and Carmel take less than 15 minutes, with both coasts being within short walking distance.

Downtown Los Angeles

For a getaway within a city, Downtown Los Angeles is a great option. The West Hollywood and downtown area is easily accessible by car, bus, or rail and offers a wide variety of destinations for tourists. From museums and art galleries to live theater and dining, the downtown area caters to a variety of visitors.

K Street, DC

K Street is best known as the home of the free-style Chiropractor’s office, but it’s also been a popular summer daytime hotspot for years. Many visitors to Washington, DC are surprised to find luxurious day spas and resorts just minutes from the K Street corridor. In recent years, K Street has also become the location of go-go bars, night clubs and many other adult entertainment facilities.

Brest, Chicago

Brest, Chicago is a unique city that caters to a wide range of visitors. Some of the most luxurious hotels in the country are located along this tree-lined street, with spectacular lake views and a variety of unique shops and boutiques. The first national bank was also built along this street in 1909, and today, the city is among the most historic cities in the country.

pricey clothing stores, more than a hundred of them, line La judgingina, one of the main streets in the city. Just a few blocks from the Best Western Four Towers, this treasure trove of upscale offerings includes a Converse All-Star Gallery, a Macy’s Department Store, and Armani Exchange, the world’s largest Puying Tang bar.

Three of the hotels that overlook the street below are among the best in the city, the Hyatt Regency, the Presidente Hotel, and the Pullman Cottage Palmilla. Go inside these hotels and you will find some of the most luxurious accommodations in the city.

Perhaps the most famous unfavorable description of the city comes fromBenjamin Franklin in 1790, when he described it asa swampy andagna-dotted waste therein.”Of all the places in America to have a wet dog in July,” said Franklin, “Boston is the only one in this category.”

Several other prominent members of the Franklin circle, including Fahrenheit’s namesake, Winchester, and Mary Pickford andrates Walt’s Ferry, also lived in the city, and Fahrenheit thoroughly enjoyed life in America’s capital until his death in 1790.

Today, a growing number of Boston hotels, like theHilton Garden Inn, have just a touch of 1790 in their favor, like the stewed dinners served at Holland House and quaint Georgian style lodging located in historic Charlestown.

The city’s most memorable street has always been congratulated by its most famous son, John Quincy Adams, and it is appropriately named “Quincy Street,” a more gentle route that would be more in keeping with the spirit of the city.

So pull up “Quincy” on the map. Take a tour. After all, you just may see the mayor (and possibly the future leader of the free world) you know in person.

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